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Sights and Pints

    Tour Operator: Dublin Tour Guide     4 hours     Travel method: Walking     Region: Dublin

After Irish Independence, a few men sat down and thought about what they would do with Dublin. “How could we make such a British Imperial city the new Irish capital? ”, they thought. We can't possibly tear down all the British parts, can we? If we did that there'd be nothing left but the pubs. . . *

Since then, Dublin has become a symbol of reconciling Ireland's British past with it's Irish future. British Trinity College with its Protestant legacy has produced Oscar Wilde and Jonathan Swift and Dublin's pubs have produced writers from the Irish tradition, e. g. Patrick Kavanagh and Brendan Behan. This tour is therefore a tribute to Dublin's dual personality, and the pub door will be the boundary between the two worlds. 

*They decided, in the end, to take the high road and keep those remnants of colonialism to show their restraint to succeeding generations so that they would grow up respecting all aspects of our shared history. Besides, they didn't have the money to tear them down.  

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What is included

How this tour works/Picture this

Sights: This 3-4hr walking tour takes you through the most important sights in Dublin. The stories and histories connected with them, explained by your exceptional guide, will transport you through the years, passions, pains and legacies of the Irish people.

Pints: Would you rather stand still in the cold for 10 minutes while I explain where Northern Ireland came from, or would you prefer to be seated in a warm pub, beer in hand?

There are some big topics, i. e. Irish origins, Irish Language, Celtic Tiger, that are best explained when you're nice and comfortable, so we'll pop into a (great) pub every 20-40mins. Besides the history lessons, you'll learn about beer, the Irish pub, as well as partake/witness in an activity that the Irish are renowned for – conversation.

Important information

  • Make sure to bring comfortable walking shoes and a lightweight raincoat 


  • Ireland's only official currency is the Euro. 
  • Most shops and restaurants accept credit cards (ex. Amex), but you can only pay cash on buses, trains and taxis. 
  • Conversion centers at the airport or around the city tend to be huge rip-offs. You won’t get charged as many fees at the ATM or the bank, and the conversion will be exact.  

  Meeting Point Information

Olympia Theatre
Dame Street 72, D02 K135 Dublin 2, Ireland

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